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Corporate Donors

If you are interested in donating to Child's Dream as a business or organisation, please see the information below or contact Liz & Chris directly:

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Who are we?

We are Liz Wilton and Chris Leakey, a British couple cycling from New Zealand to England. Our trip is called Bikeabout and in September 2009 we packed up our bikes and kit, and flew to New Zealand to start our adventure.

Why are we doing this?

  • to raise £20K to build a school for underprivileged children in SE Asia
  • personal challenge
  • to live out a dream
  • to learn about ourselves, other cultures and ways of life

What's involved?

  • Cycling
  • Raising money for Child's Dream Foundation
  • Writing about our trip and raising awareness
  • Build a school in SE Asia with Child's Dream

Why should you care?

There are thousands of charitable projects running all over the world, so why should you help this one?

There are several risks that children face in Southeast Asia, here are some headlines for you

  • 31% of population cannot read or write in Laos
  • 27% live below the poverty line in Laos
  • 45% of children are involved in child labour in Cambodia
  • 82/1000 children will die before their 5th birthday in Cambodia
  • Kids are at risk of child prostitution, child labour, child trafficking and drug smuggling
  • 150,000 Burmese are refugees, fleeing human rights violations forced displacement due to Burmese military regime, many are children
  • Education key to a sustainable future.
  • Child's Dream has a sustainable model providing infrastructure, community development and resources.
  • The communities are actively involved and ultimately have ownership of the projects, with a vested interest in their survival.
  • We all have something give time, money, knowledge, expertise, what can you give?

What is in it for me?

  • Donations are tax deductible
  • For every donation over £1000 from UK companies we would be happy to come and give a presentation about our trip to you and your staff, to provide motivation and inspiration on how to overcome challenges. (Once our trip is complete).
  • Knowing you have helped someone, somewhere to a better future, something we often take for granted.
  • Your logo and a link to your company from the corporate section of our website, for donations over £1000.

Still reading? Here's some more detail...

So far we have cycled 8000km through 7 countries, including New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. We are now,(October 2010) in Laos, about to go into China and start cycling the 4000km north to reach Mongolia. After that things start to get really interesting as we cross the Gobi desert in late winter, coping with temperatures as low as -26 degrees, before reaching Ulaan Bataar.

From there we cross Western Mongolia, North West China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and follow the Danube River over 2500km all the way to Germany, visiting several European countries along the way. Finally we will cycle through France before arriving back in England.

In Thailand we volunteered for 2 months in a school already built by Child's Dream. We were working in a remote Hill Tribe village, with the children of Burmese refugees, teaching English to 2 classes of 20 each evening. The children were aged 6 to 14 and came every evening from 6-8pm, after a full day at primary or secondary school! Having a good level of English is a major advantage for these children, who as minority children of refugees, may struggle to find employment.

Fundraising activity so far

Our plan to date has been targeting individuals, as many people as possible with the aim of raising a little from a lot. It worked for Obama!

We have harnessed the power of the web with a detailed blog, a Facebook fan page and Twitter tweets, to publicise our trip and Child's dream. We give cards to everyone we meet along the way. And of course we have friends and family supporting us at home.

However, we know that many businesses and organisations are interested in supporting charities and are keen to donate to sustainable projects. The saying “give a man a fish and he can feed his family for a day, teach a man to fish and he can feed his family for a lifetime” still holds true. Child's Dream takes this a step further finding out what communities want to do rather than imposing western idea upon them.

At this stage in our fundraising, we are contacting businesses and organisations, who may be in a position to make a donation and raise the profile of our campaign.


Our trip is entirely self-funded and any donations made go directly to the charity Child's Dream. Child's Dream are financial transparent and strive to maintain an administration expense ratio below 7%. For a more detailed look at their finances please see:

Donations can be made via their website, using Paypal, Credit card or bank transfer. For information about Tax Relief, please see:


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