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Why don’t you have a Justgiving page?

Many people fundraising in the UK use to create a campaign page showing the grand total with comments of support from those who have donated.  However is only open to UK charities and Child’s Dream is based in Thailand, with their headquarters in Chaing Mai, so we are unable to use Justgiving on this occasion.

How can I donate?

Child’s Dream can take donations directly and have several ways to donate:

  • Bank Transfer
  • By Credit Card: VISA / MasterCard / American Express
  • PayPal
  • Cheque or bankers draft (posted to Thailand)

Read more about each of the options.

What currency can I use to donate?

British pounds, Euros, Swiss Francs and Dollars.

How will you know that I have donated?

Child's Dream keep us up to date on all donations recieved and you will recieve an email from Child's Dream once your donation has been made. The email will ask you where you found out about Child's Dream, please mention Bikeabout, and a thank you for you donation.

Does any of the money raised go to you?

No our cycling trip is self funded with some equipment sponsors. All the donations go directly to Child's Dream.

Can I post a comment along with my donation?

Please send us your thoughts and comments by email, and we will post them on our webpage.

Can I get a Tax receipt?

Donors based in the UK are be able to receive a tax receipt for their donations to Child’s Dream. CAF UK (Charities Aid Foundation) assists Child’s Dream in providing tax-effective giving for UK based donors. In order to receive a tax receipt, please make your donation to CAF UK and contact the following representative for more information and procedures:

Mrs. Lynne Hendley

Transnational Giving Europe Administrator


Where can we see the total raised so far?

We publish the running total on the website.

How will the money be spent?

Child’s Dream are completely transparent with their expenditure, with full on their website. They aim to keep administration expenses to an absolute minimum and well below 10%.

At this moment in time, we have agreed with Child’s Dream that we would like the money raised to go towards building a school. However we haven’t agreed a specific location or project yet, once we are closer to our target then we can begin discussing this in earnest. All of the work Child’s Dream do is in partnership with the local communities, so the funds need to be secured before approaching a community and agreeing to take on a project.

Why £20,000?

It would be enough to build a school. We would love to know that our pedal power raised enough money to result in something tangible, something life-changing.

Here are some other figures

  • £5 buys 110 bricks to build a school or 2 toilet bowls
  • £30 buys 5 complete sets of a school uniform or 1′000 pencils
  • £60 buys 800 notebooks or 400 kg rice
  • £300 buys 3′000 school meals or 1′110 toothbrushes
  • £600 provides malaria treatment for 170 affected children
  • £5,000 provides a university scholarship for a year



Find out more about Child's Dream, their projects and the region by visiting their website