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How to donate

Child’s Dream can take donations directly and have several ways to donate:

Credit card
Bank transfer
Cheques/Bank draft

Donating by credit card

Step 1 – Decide how much you want to donate
Step 3 – Go to Child’s Dream donation webpage
Step 4 – Choose currency (pounds, euros, dollars or swiss franc) and enter the amount you wish to donate
Step 5 – Follow the instructions on screen for the secure payment process with
Step 6 – Child’s Dream will email you to thank you for your payment, please reply and tell them that your donation was for Bikeabout
Step 7 – Email us and let us know too!


Donate now

Donate with PayPal

PayPal accepts payments in more than 20 different currencies if you have your own PayPal account. 

If you don't have a PayPal account, please use Child's Dream's secure online credit card facility. They enjoy better settlement conditions with all major credit card companies if you use their credit card facility.

If you have your own PayPal account, please login manually at in order to chose your currency.



Find out more about Child's Dream, their projects and the region by visiting their website