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All of the information provided on this website is the based on the experiences that we have had during our lives and whilst cycle touring and travelling. It is therefore only our opinion and view of things. Please bear in mind that things change and may be different in the future. Prices may go up or down, businesses, restaurants and hotels change hands, close down etc, so we really cannot guarantee anything.

In terms of cycling, the routes and places we write about are purely based on our experience at the time we visited. Road quality can change, seasons and bad weather can also adversely affect conditions, and political situations within countries can also change - please use your own judgement about when, where and how to travel.

We cannot be held responsible or accountable, should you decide to follow our recommendations - it is entirely your choice to do so and we can in no way guarantee the outcome. However if you find any of our information to be grossly inaccurate or out of date, please contact us so that we can reflect this on our website.

We carry a range of adverts on our website, these link to other websites. Examples of these include, but are not restricted to, Google AdSense, Insure and Go, Amazon and Affiliate Window and their merchants. We are not responsible for the content of any third party websites, including any site that you may visit as a result of clicking an advert or link on our website. Nor are we responsible for the products they sell or the services they provide.

If you are taken to explicit or inappropriate content, as a result of clicking a link on our website, please contact us immediately with details, so that we can review and remove the link if neccessary.

Thanks, Chris and Liz








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