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Travelling with kids

UsWe travel as a couple, with no-one to worry about except except ourselves. You get to know each other totally, tuning into the other's moods and feelings with hypersensitivity and understanding each other in a more complete way.

However we are increasingly discussing and exploring possibilities for the future. One re-occurring theme is, could we do all this with kids? Does life suddenly have to stop when little ones arrive?

Canoeing with kidsMany people with children under six might consider a canoeing, cycling or camping trip simply too difficult to contemplate – 'too much hassle, too much stuff, they're just too little'.

However on our travels we have met families and know of others, who manage to travel with children very successfully and enjoyably. So we want to know how they do it and what challenges they encounter.

Join us as we investigate what it is like to travel with kids and what the reality of being on the road or ocean with children is really like? We are interviewing families who travel with their kids; parents who homeschool and cycle touring families, and will be publishing their thoughts and stories here.

We will cover some of the concerns raised by parents, such as:

  • What happens when they get sick?
  • What about school, their eduction?
  • Don't they get bored?
  • Kids need to socialise with other kids, what about their friends?
  • Isn't it dangerous?
  • How do you take their books and toys?
  • How will do you cope being away from friends and family, a support network?
  • Surely nappies and travelling don't mixed!?
  • What about the extra weight and extra stuff you need?
  • Can we still go to the same places, see the same things, go at the same pace?
  • 24/7 sounds intense, how does it affect family life, being together all the time?
  • They're so young, shouldn't you wait until they are older?

caving with kids... as well as hearing all about the benefits and highlights of travelling with your children.

We also hope to explore the idea of mini-adventures - the ones you can have not too far from your doorstep. Each family has their own dynamic, and making things enjoyable and rewarding seems to be about doing what works for you as a family, not what others expect or say you should do. We hope to share with you some ideas for adventures both big and small, with the aim of inspiring you to get out there together and have some fun!

We are writing as we cycle (not literally) so this section will grow over time. If you wish to contribute or share some information, we would really appreciate your involvement.

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Chris with Rea (aged 4)

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