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Girls on tour - Make-up, jewellry and perfume?

Liz at the races, ChristchurchAt home I wear a little make up most days, jewellery or accessories, perfume, use moisturiser and bubble bath, straighten my hair, highlight my hair... I'm quite a girly girl really. However for a long distance trip I knew that taking all of that stuff would be problematic and probably a bit ridiculous. However I do carry eye liner, mascara, lip gloss and red nail varnish for my toes!

I have moisturiser which is almost finished and I started with a tiny perfume which ran out months ago. I also have a bead necklace from my mum, a bracelet, earings and a ring which I wear all the time. I find for days off the bike, when you are in towns or cities or staying with people, it's nice to feel feminine and a bit less 'wild'.

(Day at the races with Kate, Christchurch, New Zealand)

On the other hand I like the freedom of not wearing make-up or worrying about my appearance so much. I think we are actually quite vain in our culture and spend an awful lot of time worrying about hair, clothes and how we look. We've stayed in some parts of Asia where mirrors don't seem to exist, and women don't wear make up, yet they are naturally beautiful with lovely sleek hair. On days where we've cycled hard, I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and see my lightly tanned face, flushed with rosy cheeks and bright eyes, and it's a healthy, happy face that I see. I like that, I almost feel younger. I do miss perfume though!

For the other tourers, most seem to be in the no make up, no jewellry camp, with the mascara and earings gang made up of Tara, Kate and myself. I guess it depends what you normally wear at home, and what is important to you...

"No – but I don’t really wear it at home either!" Marjorie

"I carry a little bit of makeup (mascara, eyebrow pencil) but I find that I don’t use it! And I don’t miss it either!" Heidi

"I carry several pairs of earrings which I wear daily. I also have mascara and eyeliner - I don’t use very often but am always glad to have it. If we’re stopped for more than a few days, it makes all the difference between feeling like a mess and feeling presentable. Being as small and as light as they are, I can’t see any good reason not to bring them unless you never wear makeup in the first place." Tara

"Nope. None. But then, I didn’t use that at home either… " Nancy

"The only jewellery I carry is my wedding ring." Friedel

"Don’t use makeup or perfume and gave up wearing most jewellery. Cindie

"I took very few things that made me feel feminine and so my cover up, compact and mascara were lovely as when we stopped I could at least put a tiny bit of makeup on and feel like it was a day off." Susie

"I got a pair of earrings some one has given me... and a necklace. That's all. I never used perfume or much make up. So do not miss it much." Mirjam

"I found packing really hard! I am a pretty low maintenance girl but opted to bring a small amount of make-up and one versatile piece of jewelry I could dress up or down. I still feel like I need more. I ended up buying some more things and also had to buy some clothes. I was invited to a wedding so didn't really think lycra, cycling shoes or flip-flops was appropriate attire. If I was to pack my bag again, I would include one outfit that could be worn to anything from clubbing to a wedding and a nice pair of shoes. I didn't pack perfume and I really miss it! My cosmetics in general (when I hit the road) consisted of a cake of soap, toothbrush + toothpaste, razor, tweezers, deodorant and exfoliating gloves. No face wash, no moisturizer, no perfume. Something I have now considered buying. Luckily I have dreadlocks so my hair doesn't require much attention." Kate

"I don't carry any make-up as I only ever wore it for special occasions and the extra weight is unjustifiable. I have very few toiletries: minibars of soap, a couple of sachets of shampoo but we do carry first aid supplies." Margo

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