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Girls on tour - women and cycle touring

Cycle touring GirlsOn our cycling trip we have met several solo male cyclists and it's easy to feel that long distance cycle touring is a male-only adventure. However there are many female cycle tourers out there, some touring with partners, some solo, others with their children alongside them. Yet it is hard to find much information on the web about women and cycle touring, and even harder sometimes to find advice on women specific cycling gear.

I think the image many people may have of cycling touring, before trying it for themselves, is one of super-fit, lean cyclists, long distances, too much lycra, sweating up hills, an uncomfortable nights sleep and pasta for dinner every night!

I want to uncover the truth about women and cycle touring, what is the reality of those who choose to travel by bicycle? What experiences have they had, why do they do it, what do they find hard, what do they learn, what do they love? As well as practical advice on things like finding toilets, contraception, how much underwear to take, choosing a saddle, comfy clothing, oh and how to tour with a male partner successfully!

Women Cycle TourersWith the advice and experience of Nancy, Friedel, Heidi, Kate, Mirjam, Cindie, Tara, Marjorie, Susie and Margo, I have put together a series of articles on women and cycle touring, in the hope that more girls might be inspired to get out on their bikes and give it a go! Here are the first 7, with more to come:

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