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Girls on tour - Luxury items

You're going away for a while on your bike, you can only take what you can carry, so what can you live without, what do you leave behind? Better still, what do you choose to take with you on a bike tour, what are your so called 'luxury items'? Do we choose obviously girly things or more surprising items? Are they they really a luxury or simply part of you and who you are? After all, cycling touring isn't necessarily about hardship and suffering. Here's what our tourers have to say...

A book is an absolute essential for me. I take an old paperback and swap it when I can in a town or with a fellow traveller. Marjorie

Coffee beansI have to have Q-tips. I guess this may be a luxury item for some! Heidi

Ah! My luxury item! A little coffee pot and coffee coffee coffee!!! Am going no-where without and I'm not going to drink that instant-crap. Coffee is my little bit of luxury :-) Mirjam

My “luxury item” is a little bit of face cream. I find that makes all the difference, after a long day of cycling, out in the elements. Otherwise, I don't have any extras. Friedel

BeadsI carry a couple pounds of beads. I am a beadwork artist, so enjoy having something to play with in the tent or hotels. As far as personal stuff like bubble bath or such – nope. But I was never one to use a bunch of that stuff at home either. Nancy

Too many books, a journal, colouring pencils, notepads, more clothes than really needed, including a skirt so I can feel feminine off the bike, bead bracelet, eyeliner, kitchen set including a potato peeler, glow in the dark playing cards, thermarest chair cover and inflating pillow. Also carry a laptop, SLR camera and ipod, but I don't class these as luxury items, they allow us to blog, capture and provide a soundtrack to our journey! Liz

I carry a bazillion spices, an oven, a ton of books, my knitting, watercolor pencils, a notebook, playing cards, a laptop, an iPod, etc. Do those count? We really don’t care about weight at all. If something can physically be made to fit in or on our bikes, and we want it with us, we bring it. Tara

'Luxury item' is a bit of a joke word for me. Every item I couldn't justify having, I called it my 'luxury item'. These include – Thermarest seat (a bit of canvas that my Thermarest mat slides into to form a chair), Mini stove-top espresso maker (thought that would save me money at cafes), thermarest pillow (I can sleep anywhere if I have a good pillow!!), Red Element Hoody (heavy but warm and makes me happy). I also have my laptop and 2 cameras – probably a bit of a luxury...Kate

High HeelsIn America when we didn't have to carry so much emergency food I did buy a few extra pieces of clothing to fill the space. I had jeans and high heels! I still have no idea how they fit in my panniers but I loved having them. Susie

I used to have a cozy fleece hoodie. That was my favorite thing to put on after a day of cycling. So much about touring is not very soft. There are no big beds with soft down comforters. The fleece hoodie was my little bit of softness. But, I shrunk it in a drier accidentally, and had to get rid of it. Oh well! Tara

It's easier to carry a laptop for all the blogging that has to be done so we now have a mini laptop. That's our one luxury item. Margo

What would be your luxury item?

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